Barbecues and Hurricanes

Two things are coming: A big storm back east. And Labor Day. Having lived back east, I remember once walking to a friend’s house during a hurricane. Thought it would be cool. Turns out it was just stupid. I was almost killed. That still pales compared to this past weekend. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

In a couple of days it will be Labor Day weekend. When I was younger (i.e. kid and wife free, not that I prefer that, Honey!), Labor Day meant two laid back barbecues where I could relax with friends, drink beer and then go home to a nice quiet apartment and watch Jerry Lewis make money for his kids. It ain’t that anymore.

Okay. First, this past weekend. I don’t ever remember wishing that the weekend was shorter. Until this past Saturday. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but my weekends ARE broken records. Driving ungrateful kids everywhere, then picking the same ungrateful kids up whenever they’re done doing whatever it is they’re doing. I mean, I literally pulled into our driveway Saturday afternoon after picking up my son from a friend’s house (don’t know the friend, nor the parents. Could be killers. I don’t care.) and was about to get out of the car when my son practically yelled, “Don’t get out! I’m just running in to use the bathroom then I need you to take me to Dom’s.” Dom? Anyway, the rest is a blur, except sometimes it was my daughter yelling at me. I think I saw my wife, though I’m not even sure we’re still married.

Now, Labor Day? Relaxing? Not a chance. And Jerry Lewis is on his own. Good luck, Jer. Oh sure, we’re going to a barbecue that my wife agreed to without asking me. Know why she didn’t ask me? Because I would have said NO!!! I don’t like the guy. He’s pompous, he’s a braggart, he spits when he talks, he’s my brother-in-law. Nuff said.

I was so happy to get to work on Monday I almost kissed the cleaning lady. Yeah, I got in real early. Thank god it’s Monday.

Hey, I want to end on a good note. Check out this funny dad rap video I saw on YouTube that speaks to all of us. Oh, and let me know how your weekend was.

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3 Responses to Barbecues and Hurricanes

  1. I.M. Tired says:

    It’s Wednesday and I’m already starting to get tired
    thinking about Labor Day weekend.

    3 Soccer games, football practice, team social (TEAM SOCIAL!!! WTF?? When we were kids we were told to speak when spoken to NOT BE SOCIAL!) Throw in a birthday party and who knows what else, that I will be told I already knew about, and you have yourself what is jokingly called a holiday. The worst part??? Labor Day is on Monday, that means I can’t enjoy my peaceful week at the office until Tuesday. That means next week, my 5 days of peace and quiet, will only be 4 days .

  2. corine says:

    My last week-end? So glad you asked. It was spent shopping, cooking and preparing for a back to school party (not my idea by the way) then entertaining people I could care less about while nursing a raging headache.

  3. Peaches says:

    The one good thing about Labor Day is that kids are back in school which makes the weekdays less laborous — at least between the hours of 8:30 through 3:00!

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