Cliche Alert: I Need a Vacation after my Vacation!

First, just let me say: Prince William getting engaged? WHO CARES?!?! Thanks. Just had to get that off my chest.

You’re going to think I’m making this up. I wish I were. So remember we were going to Palm Springs for a much needed family vacation? No computers, no texting, no sports. Heaven. Oh, did I say no sports? Because, see, that’s not how it played out. As we’re heading out the door the phone rings. I beg my wife not to answer it, and like with much of my other begging it goes unheeded. It’s my son’s coach. He is sooooo happy we answered. He wanted to know if on the Saturday of our vacation my son could play in a soccer tournament they’re having that is only five minutes from where we’ll be. My wife relays this info to me and in that instant I HATE my son’s coach. The passion with which I hate him is so extreme that I look back on my life and realize I have never been this passionate before. And doubt I ever will again. Kind of a shame.

Anyway, since I don’t know how to say no, and seeing as I always instill in my children “put others first no matter what,” two things I hate about myself (but with less passion than my hate for the coach), I say, “Sure.” But I say it too loud, totally not seeing my wife giving me the sign to say no. The coach hears me, I hear him scream, “THANKS, life saving family!” and now my wife looks at me with the wrong kind of passion. As, by the way, does my son, who barely has any interest in soccer. They must be hard up if they need my son to play, since he barely plays anyway, and he’s not that good. I love him, but I’m not blind.

Anyway, do I really need to tell you how horrible it was? In hindsight, I guess it wasn’t that big a deal. But I was so angry over the whole thing, that I let it ruin the rest of my vacation, and since I didn’t want to sulk alone, made darn sure the rest of the family was miserable, as well. In all fairness, it was a great trip until my wife answered the phone.

I actually was so grateful to get back to my desk at work where I felt safe from coaches and angry family members. I guess this is my vacation from the world. Thank god it’s Monday.


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3 Responses to Cliche Alert: I Need a Vacation after my Vacation!

  1. Work Addict says:

    The next time your phone rings, whip out the ‘ol Vuvvezela and rip a loud one into the phone.
    Please tell me you are blogging from the serenity of your office as we speak.

  2. Father of The Year says:

    Funny blog.
    You must REALLY be looking forward to Thanksgiving.
    Nothing like a house full of estranged family members and a weekend long soccer tournament to round out the perfect holiday weekend.
    Or will you be watching football all weekend in the Barker lounger?

  3. Work Addict says:

    Yeah, can’t wait to enjoy Thanksgiving vicariously through you.

    Not that I won’t pull up a chair at the table and make a sizable dent in a turkey, but this Thanksgiving I have the great fortune of having to help my kid with his science project.
    That should take a dent out of my weekend.

    We see all these warnings on “personal” medications,
    “if your _____ lasts for 5 hours…”
    I think the packaging on these products should show pictures of science projects.

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