One Week Down of Christmas Break, One Looooonnnng Week to Go

Well, it’s the day after Christmas. Otherwise known as Boxing Day. Here we call it Loxing Day, because we’ll be having bagels with cream cheese and lox as soon as I can tear myself away from this “exciting” Rams/49ers game. Also, I don’t want to leave just yet because that would be wasting these precious moments alone before the rest of my family wakes up. I know I’ve talked about that before, but these moments are so rare I like to relive them. 

And in case you glossed over the lox reference, yes, we’re Jews. Jews who kinda, sorta, in our own fashion celebrate Christmas. But not in the cliché way that is portrayed in every movie, where Jews eat Chinese food and see a movie on Christmas Day. I hate that stereotype. We did that the day before. I LOVE Chinese food this time of year. I’m Pavlovian that way. 

I’m not going to complain about the commercialism of Christmas, or about how not being back east this time of year KILLS me, or that the Eagles/Vikes game is postponed, or about how I only got two pan fried dumplings the other night instead of the four I had planned on. Counted on. Dreamt about. Nope. No complaining. I am not Scrooge. Instead, I’m going to focus on the good. Such as my family still being asleep, football on the TV (even if it’s the Rams/49ers), the rain has stopped, and the knowledge that there is about 20 pounds of lasagna in the fridge. All is right with the world. Oh wait. I just heard a noise upstairs. Damn.

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3 Responses to One Week Down of Christmas Break, One Looooonnnng Week to Go

  1. Menorah Man says:

    Admit it.
    You ate your Chinese leftovers on Christmas day.
    Gloriously cold, right out of the box.
    Cliche or not, that counts. My guess is you also watched a movie or two on the tele.
    And by the way, this is not a Jewsih stereotype , it is tradition.
    Tradition… TRADITION *
    * From a movie that is much better when viewed on Christmas day while devouring a pile of Kung Pao anything.

    • Hey Menorah Man, I did NOT eat leftover Chinese food on Christmas Day because there was none left!! I craved it yesterday, but there wasn’t a grain of rice left. Kun Pao anything sounds great right now! Hope you had a good one.

      • Menorah Man says:

        Sucks to be you.
        I’m just sayin’.

        Here’s wishing you (and you’re presumably lovely family)
        a wonderful new year filled with “the best Monday’s of your life”.

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