Well, I guess it’s the new year…

First of all, Happy New Year. You’re probably still sleeping. Not me. Obviously. I was up early. No hangover. Not tired. But that’s because I play it low-key. Going out on New Year’s Eve? Not me anymore. I call it Amateur Night, though that could just be me justifying why I have no fun anymore. My kids? Of course they’re still sleeping (yay). They went out last night. Had a great time. Good for them.

I’m sounding more bitter than I am. It’s just that I’m just looking forward, to the new year ahead, and I see…no change. I know you’re supposed to start the new year with a gung ho attitude. “All right! This year I will make up for last year!” But after saying that for decades and then realizing it ain’t true, it’s hard to gear up for another start of the new year lie. As for resolutions, I’ve also given those up. They only serve to make you feel even more of a loser when you look back and realize you didn’t achieve anything that resembles a resolution. One year, just to be a wiseguy, I told people my resolution was to gain weight. I’m already not thin, so people laughed. But it’s the only resolution I ever achieved. Oh, I was so proud.

Would I like to change? Sure. Do I want this coming year to be better than last year? What do you think? Will it be better? I suppose anything is possible. Hey, I’ve been playing Lotto for 30 years, so you can’t accuse me of totally giving up. So…happy new year. Woo-hoo.

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One Response to Well, I guess it’s the new year…

  1. Geez, go back to bed and get some more sleep. Then take on the new year! Maybe you will feel better when you get back to work!

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