The Day After, the Day Before

Guess I woke up in a bad mood yesterday. I just read my last posting and all I can say is…sorry. That’s no way to start the year. Besides, I had just woken up when I wrote that. The day (and therefore the year?) got better. In spite of my cringing when I heard my kids stirring upstairs, they actually came down…smiling. You heard me. They both gave me a hug, wished me a Happy New Year, laughed at my shocked expression and then considerately left me alone for the rest of the day. Haven’t seen them since. They’re upstairs sleeping. I think.

The rest of the day? Ate some fun junk food, watched the Rose Bowl (sorry, Wisconsin fans), saw a great movie, “The King’s Speech” (my sharp neighbor thought it was “The King’s Peach” – I’m not kidding. Ucchh.), ate some leftover Chinese food. Great New Year’s Day after a rough beginning. Again…sorry.

Today is Sunday. The last regular season Football Sunday. I’m excited. My Jets snuck in, but my erratic Giants have to win and I think every other team has to lose for them to get in. Not looking good.

But what today really is, is the last day of my kids’ Christmas break. NOOOO! (that was them). YAAYYYYY!!! (that was me and my wife and my dog). Look, there have been some nice moments. I’m pretty sure. It’s been relaxing not having to make lunches in the morning, less sports to drive them to, etc.  But it’s just been way too much togetherness. It’s not natural. Not at this stage of our lives.

So when glorious Monday arrives tomorrow, we’ll say our surly, mumbled good mornings, then our surlier, mumbled goodbyes, and we’ll go our separate ways. And all will be right in the world once again.

And no matter what potential catastrophe awaits me at work, I can’t wait to get there. I may even say out loud my constant inner mantra: “Thank god it’s Monday.” Right now I’m feeling good about 2011. But of course that can change once my kids wake up. If they’re even here.

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4 Responses to The Day After, the Day Before

  1. Worried Willie says:

    I feel much better having read your recent post.
    Your last message had me immediately reach for the phone to cheer you up by sending you an extra large sausage and onion pizza (thin crust since you probably over indulged this past weekend). I actually dialed the number before I realized I have no idea who you are or where you live.
    I guess that’s my way of saying, this past year your wit and your toleration of family life has touched us all.
    Am I about to shed a tear right now?
    Truth is, I feel for you. Married with kids AND a Giants fan.
    Happy Happy.

    • Don’t worry, Willie. Thanks for the nice thought and nice comment. But I don’t thank you for planting the picture of a sausage and onion pizza (I prefer thin crust ,by the way) in my head. Now I am craving that so bad and today was going to be my first fairly good eating day. Well, that’s why they invented tomorrow. Happy New Year, Pal.

  2. Mom of a teen says:

    Thanks for the post — it made me feel much better when my daughter bit my head off when I asked her “How are you doing?” and my son grunted a good-bye tomorrow. At least I am not alone in dealing with teh after-holiday blues!

  3. "Old" Lang Syne says:

    Dear Mr I Want My Weekends back.
    I have been a loyal follower of your blog from day one. Actually not day one, a friend turned me on to your postings a few weeks in, but I have read them all.
    Great work.
    Do you have any special blog plans for the new year.
    If nothing else, maybe you can repost your very first blog to get your readers juices flowing (can I say that on the internet?)
    Anyway, all the best in 2011 and keep up the digital therapy to us all!

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