Only 355 Days Until Christmas

It’s amazing how fast the Holiday Spirit can disappear. I mean, it was only a week ago that I was enjoying (though still complaining about) the break from making school lunches for the kids, driving the ungrateful kinder everywhere and all the bad that goes with that. But then 2011 shows up and two days later…BAM! Back to the grind with a vengeance. Like the break never even happened. It’s like when you come home from a vacation and now you have to play catch up. For the rest of your life. Because you can never really catch up. Sorry, you just can’t. I did the math, trust me on that one.

So, it’s only Wednesday and I’ve already logged about 200 miles driving to see one kid’s soccer game (or is basketball?) and another kid’s dance try-outs (or is it cheerleading?). This is in between working like a dog at work, then staying up late to prepare for that “life or death” meeting at work tomorrow. By the way, my boss, Mike, uses that phrase, oh I don’t know, about 133 times a week!! I mean, doesn’t he get that it kind of loses its impact if you say it EVERY TIME?! Sorry. Got off track there.

My point is it’s January 5, 2011, and I’m already looking forward to the clean slate of 2012. There’s just no time for anything good. Unless you count my stopping to pick up cilantro (which I hate) so my wife can try a new Mexican dish for a dinner which I won’t have time for anyway a good thing. Not to be mean, but whenever my wife deviates from the three dishes in her limited wheelhouse, it’s not well received by me and the kids. Actually, we’re pretty blunt about how bad it is. Which of course leads to a fight. Just one more vicious cycle in my exhausting life.

Tomorrow’s Thursday, which means the ridiculously swamped weekend looms, which means I’ll look back on this moment right now as my happiest. Sad, huh? But at least the weekend gets me to Monday. Right? It will, right?

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One Response to Only 355 Days Until Christmas

  1. Family Man says:

    “Wife’s Limited Wheelhouse”… CLASSIC.

    At least your wife cooks.
    My wife doesn’t even know where the kitchen is. Of course to be fair she doesn’t spend much time home, what with all the shuttling our kids to & from their unreasonable array of activities.
    Who walked into our lives and decided we need to occupy every second of our children’s lives? I’d like to meet THAT mook. Bet the prick doesn’t even have kids.
    Probably some opportunist looking to cash in on unnecessarily created crazes.
    Someone look him up! I think he’s the one that invented “grandparents day”.
    I need to spend 5 extra bucks a year at the Hallmark store on GRANDPARENTS DAY???
    If you’re a grandparent EVERY DAY is Grandparent’s day, by the mere fact that every time they visit, your grandchildren GO BACK TO THEIR HOME.
    (sorry I’m a screamer, I feel better now).

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