Darn You, Charlie Brown!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to talk about the Jets. Because I’m sure you’re probably sick of that by now. I just want to wish them luck before they go up against the Goliath-like Pats. I know we’re gonna win, but New England makes me nervous. My biggest concern is what impact will my not being at home have on the game since I’ll be at my daughter’s dance competition (yes, I’m going! Like I ever had a choice).

Because it’s possible that had I stayed home instead of going to the dreaded dance competition the Jets might have fared differently. They’re gonna win, I’m just saying what if…well, I can’t go there. That might jinx things. Not that I believe in that superstitious nonsense. I’m too intelligent for that. Although if my son and I are watching a Clippers game, and the Clippers take the lead, neither of us is allowed to change their position. If I’m standing, then I’m standing for the rest of the game.

Like I said, I don’t actually believe in that crap, but I do fear it and obey it! Anyway, Sunday’s the big day. So root for my Jets, unless you just can’t, which I’ll understand. And if the Jets win OH NO!!!! I said “if.” Now the football gods will sense my inner doubt. What have I done?! I feel like Linus when he said “If the Great Pumpkin shows up…” then panics because he said “If.” I just Linus-ed. Oh man, oh man, sorry, my Jets. I don’t mean to doubt. But it’s friggin’ Tom Brady you’re going against. He’s not human!!  Forget me, Jets. Ignore my doubt. And forgive my daughter for being on that STUPID dance team! Just go and win. And I promise to cast no more doubt if you win. I DID IT AGAIN!!! I’m stopping. We’ll talk AFTER the game. After they win. The Jets, that is. Stopping now.

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2 Responses to Darn You, Charlie Brown!

  1. Fellow Father says:

    Thank you for not talking about the jets

  2. I didn’t! Did I? Well, I’m done talking about them. GO JETS!!!

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