One Word Says It All

Un-(a word I can’t say here)-ing-believable!

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2 Responses to One Word Says It All

  1. Fellow Father says:

    that’s your entire blog for the day?
    We’re on pins and needles over here.
    How did your daughter’s tournament go?
    Who wound up telling you your beloved Jet’s won?

    • Sorry, Pal. I was too spent from the victory. My daughter’s team actually won, not that I saw any of it. I was secretly on the phone with a buddy who was giving me a blow-by-blow of the Jets game. Then we went to pizza joint to celebrate my daughter’s team’s victory and I was able to catch the final minutes of the Jets game. So I was able to be a great dad AND see some of the game live. Though my wife says I was not such a great dad since I missed them single my daughter out at the pizza joint for her great attitude. I sure didn’t see an iota of that great attitude on the loooonnnnggg ride home. But I’m used to that. I’m NOT used to the Jets going to the Superbowl. But that will happen once they beat them wussy Steelers. LOVE THE JETS!!!

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