Three Day Weekend, or Four Day Work Week. Either Way I Lose…

Well it’s Saturday. Or as I normally call it: Two Days Till Monday. But because of this Monday being a holiday, that two days has turned into three. But you know what? I’m not going to do my usual “oh no that’s another day with my family” rant. First of all, and I hope you know this, but I do love my family. More than anything. It’s just easier to love them when we’re not in the same room.

As I get older I just don’t have the tolerance to deal with the little annoyances anymore, you know? I’ve documented plenty how my moody teenage (redundant, I know) daughter can shut me down with just a tiny eye roll or raised hand; or how my son takes mumbling to new heights and even when I can understand him it’s either to drive him somewhere, give him money or to call me fat (he claims that’s because he cares about me. Not buying it.)

And my wife? She doesn’t annoy me. She just wants me to do soooooo many things around the house that I’m neither capable of doing (I’m not handy. Sorry!), nor am even willing to try. That leads to nagging, which leads to me being resentful, and who needs that kind of negativity? I’m a positive person. I like when we go on family trips, I like when we all go out to eat, and I like when we all watch DEXTER together. But that’s about it.

I know you all know I think of work as sanctuary. IT IS!! But it’s not perfect. I have an annoying co-worker or two. Take Tom, for example. Nice guy. Genuinely like him. But…he’s one of those people with a time delay. You know what I mean? Like I’ll ask him a question face-to-face. An easy question like “Can I borrow your stapler?” And it will take him a full five seconds to answer. It really throws off my timing. Pretty bad in person, much worse on the phone. I once had a friend when I was a kid who would never, EVER fill the silence. I once tested him and said nothing over the phone for a full minute. Finally I said “Steve? You still there?” And he answered “Sure” as if nothing was weird. We don’t talk anymore. Or maybe he’s still on hold. But the point is I can deal with the “Toms” at work. Because I can walk away. Or step outside for a smoke. I don’t smoke, but if I needed to take it up to get away from Tom I could. But at home? There really is no escape from the loves of my life. Oh shoot. I just checked. It’s till Saturday.

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7 Responses to Three Day Weekend, or Four Day Work Week. Either Way I Lose…

  1. Fellow Father says:

    Ok, after all these blogs I’ve decided to announce to the entire world.
    I have a full on bro-mance with you.
    I can’t take it any longer. I think we need to open a business together.
    And guess what, it will be open on weekends. Imagine the possibilities.
    Thanks for doing the lords work and giving us fathers around the world something to smile about.

  2. Okay, but can we not call it a bromance. And I love the idea of a business that is open on the weekends. Maybe it’s ONLY open on the weekends and we keep our regular jobs as well. That way…well, I’m welling up just at the prospect of it.

  3. Jsmith says:

    So how’d that weekend go for you?
    Let me guess, you are already settled into your comfy office, enjoying the chaotic, pressure filled peace and serenity of the workplace.
    BTW, what’s wrong with enjoying the occasional bromance?
    Are you brophobic?
    Don’t be a hater.

    • The weekend was perfect. I got sick, which made my family members avoid me because they neither want to show any compassion nor get me anything. It was nice and peaceful. Also coincidentally happened to be NBA All-Star weekend. Gee, how’d I time that so well?
      And I’m not brophobic. I’m mancephobic.

  4. Cookie Monster says:

    Not that you need help in coming up with topics for your blog, but where do you stand on Girl Scouts in the office? Hey now. The cookies, not young girls.
    All this parental hocking of their children’s fundraising garbage is getting ridiculous. What with the cookies, and the gift wrap, and the magazines. I go to work to MAKE money, not spend it. Not to mention how depressing it is to be caught up in the “joy” of someone else’s children.

    Here’s what I don’t get. When did the workplace become a Pic ‘n Save?
    When you were growing up, did your parents run around collecting hundreds of dollars, 3 times a year from their coworkers? All so you could win a pair of Click Clacks (Remember Click Clacks? Maybe the most annoying toy ever invented for kids. They rocked… drove my parents nuts with ’em, but I digress).

    Is it me, or has parenting become a business instead of a responsibility?
    Would love your thoughts on the matter.
    Ooops gotta go, I need to cut a check for 6 boxes of Thin Mints I didn’t want or need.

    • I love Girl Scouts in the office, but not their cookies. Kidding. Of course I love the thin mint cookies (put them in the freezer!) and I’m a big fan of the peanut butter sandwich ones (Do Si Dos?). But yes, I hate being pressured/guilted into buying ANYTHING from my co-workers. I’ve been guilty of trying sell something for my kids. My wife makes me. But at least I go in apologetically and almost ask them NOT to buy anything. But some people at work are like sharks. They make you feel like if you don’t buy some of their kid’s crap then you’re Satan or even worse…cheap. Who needs that? Especially in my sanctuary called work.

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