What’s Good for the Goose (whatever the heck that means)…

My wife is a school teacher. In Los Angeles no less. So naturally she’s having tough days lately. And by lately, I mean the last eight years. But this isn’t about the plight of teachers. If you want to hear about that, well, just hang around teachers. And this is my point. Most days my wife has at least one horrible experience. And then she’ll call me on her way home to complain about it, then continue to complain about it during dinner and worst of all during my TV watching. And believe me when I tell you that her complaints are real and huge. But I’m constantly saying to her to just let it go. That by complaining about it, she’s just prolonging it and in essence reliving it over and over. And I mean it. I’m not just saying it so I don’t have to listen to it, although that would be a bonus. A huge bonus. A dream come true.

Not surprisingly my wife doesn’t listen to my advice. I suspect she doesn’t even hear my advice becasue she’s too busy complaining. So I thought I’d try a dose of my own medicine. You know, stop complaining about my life. That’s why I haven’t written in a while. That and my inherent laziness. Not to mention the basketball play-offs. Don’t get me started on the Lakers. Anyway, I figured maybe if I took a break from complaining then maybe I’d be in a better mood and could then be a shining example for my wife of how much better her life could be if she just listened to me! You see where this is going?

Better mood? I have never been crankier than these past two weeks. I mean if my daughter sweetly said “Morning, Daddy,” I’d growl “What’s that supposed to mean?!?!” Of course, she didn’t say that. She doesn’t talk sweetly nor would you want to talk to her in the morning. Or the afternoon. I’m just saying. And it was only yesterday that I realized the reason I’ve been so grouchy is that I’ve had no outlet! I haven’t been able to complain! I certainly can’t do it with my family. When my wife complains it’s about her work. When I complain it’s about my family! So as it turns out my writing about my misery has made me slightly less miserable. And so I’m back. And I already feel better. And I haven’t even complained about anything! But that’s for next time. I’m getting tired and the Thunder and Grizzlies are tied with 4 seconds left! Later. Wait! Randolph shoots…he misses. It’s Overtime! That’s how you do it, Lakers! Don’t get me started.

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2 Responses to What’s Good for the Goose (whatever the heck that means)…

  1. Goose Man says:

    I think maybe you should have been a teacher.
    Kinda have trouble believing you aren’t one.
    Third graders of course.

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