I Don’t Know How This is Possible…

…But my daughter is graduating high school this week. And so naturally I have a multitude of feelings. The biggest one, of course, being annoyance of relatives visiting. I don’t want to name names, but they know who they are. And I actually like/love these people. I just don’t enjoy them staying in my house, upsetting my routine, somehow accidentally un-Tivo-ing my shows, not knowing that I was saving that last donut for ME, stinking up my bathroom, and constantly asking if they can help me with the dishes the second I’m finished doing them. Sheesh, what a curmudgeon I’ve turned into.

But to be honest, I’m focusing on my grumpiness because I don’t want to face nor talk about my daughter going off to college. In spite of all my complaining about her teenagerdom and her concentrated, focused heat missile of hate and disdain that is constantly aimed at me, I’m going to miss my girl. A lot. Yes, I’ll still have my son here, but that ain’t the party it might sound like. My daughter is my daughter, my first born, the main reason I stay at work longer than I used to. I love her, but I fear her. Although many a time I wish she’d leave the house, I don’t want her to leave home. Ever. But college will be great for her. And though I rarely do it, I’m going to put her first. And let her go. That was me not talking about it. More not talking about it next time. But first I have to go serve a 3:00 dinner for my visiting uncle.

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8 Responses to I Don’t Know How This is Possible…

  1. Cheryl Clayton says:

    This gave me a great laugh…. because I can relate:) Let her go and she will come back…. nicer:)

  2. bl says:

    “Although many a time I wish she’d leave the house, I don’t want her to leave home. Ever”
    Arguably the best line you’ve ever written. Genius.

  3. Non Smoker says:

    Can I have your daughter’s room?
    I’m 28 years old, I don’t smoke, snore, or mess (ok, or work).
    I could fill the void in your life perfectly.
    Having read all your blogs, I am practically family already.
    Lemme know.

  4. offthe23 says:

    It’s all good. Wait till she brings a boyfriend home!

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