Only 16 Days Until School. But Who’s Counting…

Well, it’s the second week of August. That means that summer is more over than not. If I were a kid, I’d say, “Man, is summer going way too fast!” I’m not a kid. For me, summer is dragging. Know why?  Because there’s no daily structure of kids going to school and wife going to whatever she does during the year (I’m sure it’s important, Honey, whatever you do).

In other words, there’s always someone in my house during the few moments I’m actually here. I don’t really like that. Not that I see all that much of my family. I mean, the kids sleep all friggin’ day. I say that like I’m complaining, which I’m not. I like when they’re sleeping because I don’t have to see their teenage disdain for me. But just knowing they’re sleeping means they’re in the house, which means they could wake up at any moment and make my stomach muscles clench.

Seriously, this is no way to live, but it is my life. Thank god I have a job to go to, but I can’t live there, even though I try and would so love to. Give me a moment here……Ah, that was a nice fantasy. Oh no! I hear stirrings. It’s my stomach. That means…someone’s up. Help.

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10 Responses to Only 16 Days Until School. But Who’s Counting…

  1. Michael Brady says:

    Do you have any hobbies? Other than dreaming about work, hoagies and the death of AYSO?

    I’m thinking stamps. You’d probably be good at licking since you are a SUCKER for having kids.
    Oops, gotta run… my daughter is late for her Princess Tea Party party.
    My life’s a real party. Ugh.

    • Princess Tea Party? That means you got a young kid. What the heck you complaining about? You’ll never make it through teenagerdom, my friend. And stamps ain’t my thing. But you got me pegged. I’m a sucker, big time.

  2. Sigmoidoscopy Freud says:

    Did you know there is a blog written by a circumsized Jew, called Iwantmyinchback. You two should talk.

  3. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    • Yea generally speaking, but what if you have a really cool job! Hey Iwantmyweekendsback, what kind of work do you do that is your sanctuary? You certainly are not a dull boy.

      • Where I work doesn’t matter. Well, it matters to me. But what matters most is that I have a job to go to. An escape, a haven, a sanctuary, and a paycheck to keep my family clothed, fed and off my back. As little as they see it.

  4. Henry Baker says:

    Not sure where Iwantmyweekendsback keeps an office, but I assure you he is a therapist. A therapist who is not only ahead of his time, but one who will be written about for generations to come. Of course he might also flip burgers at the local J&B the rest of the week.

    • Don’t know what the local J&B is. Or do I? All I know is now I’m craving a burger. Flipped by someone else.

      • Henry Baker says:

        OOPS JIB or JITB… Jack In The Box for Christ sake. Sorry I can’t blog, make lunches, load the car with crap the kids will never need today (your wife make your bring sweaters, SWEATERS, to the beach?) and check emails (thank god for work) at the same time very well. I’ll take 2 .99 cent tacos to go please.

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