You tell’ em, Jimmy Boy!

As if I didn’t already love Jimmy Kimmel enough, I just read that he’s on a campaign to get people to cut out a bunch of their so-called “friends” on Facebook. Some people have hundreds, some thousands! I have eight, so he’s not talking to me. But his campaign or gimmick (not that I care if it is one – You go, Jimmy!) brings up a topic I’ve been harping on (mostly to myself) for a long time.

You know, now that I’m about to share this I realize what he’s doing actually has nothing to do with my point. Hmmmmm. Oh well, it’s my blog, not Jimmy’s! So here’s what’s wrong with our computerized, Internet-based, fancy-phoned society: We are all just too damn connected. A friend of mine sent me a very intellectual article on this very subject. I couldn’t understand it. But if I could I’m sure the point would be that we’re never really alone anymore. Between emails and video chatting and texting and rumbles (sorry, just watched “West Side Story”) we don’t have a moment to ourselves. Especially our kids. I can hear my son at all hours of the night talking loudly in his room. He’s either video chatting or insane. In any case, I don’t like it! His voice is really grating.

But what I really hate about all this techno stuff (sorry for the big words) is that we — and by we I really mean ME — is so friggin’ reachable. My wife and kids can find me almost anywhere. It’s really hard to get anyone to believe you when you say, “Oh sorry, I was nowhere near my home phone, cell phone, computer or Western Union office.” There’s just no good excuse anymore for ignoring loved ones. And that is what’s wrong with this world, dammit!

But wait! There is one good excuse, and one good excuse only: “I was in a meeting.” Yes! And this is why I love my job. I have a place I can go to where I can pretend to be unreachable for 8 to 12 hours a day, every day. My boss can yell at me all he wants. My co-workers can annoy me non-stop. I don’t care! Because while at work no one in my family can reach me if I don’t want to be reached. YAY!!! I once even lied and said I had to work on Thanksgiving and it worked. Boy, did I give thanks on THAT day.

So forgive me as I hug and kiss my desk right now. My co-workers are looking at me strangely. And I don’t care! Know why? “I’m in a meeting, Honey!”

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  1. Face-The-Book says:

    Friend me. Please!!!!

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